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A Note from the Connoisseurs of Hospitality!

What began as one man’s vision, three years ago is growing by leaps to becoming a legacy in hospitality. Mr. Hanu Reddy dreamed of providing his guests not just accommodation but an experience of his way of life, a feeling of a home. We’ve been working relentlessly in making his vision a reality.
At Hanu Reddy we invite you to experience home. Enjoy the luxury of the bungalow, in some of the finest areas in Chennai. It is said there is no hospitality like understanding. At Hanu Reddy, we understand your every need and do our best to satisfy it.

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Our rooms are spaciously designed adorned with exquisite furniture. They are well equipped with all the amenities that you may need. When you visit Hanu Reddy, you don’t just subscribe to our service but rather to an experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and visit us, take a look for yourself!

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