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Chennai’s Summertime Treat – Mangoes

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Some of the world’s best mangoes are sold in and around Chennai during the months of May through July. Mango season in Chennai brings out thousands of the delicious fruit on all the street corners. If you are visiting Chennai

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Tips to plan your family holiday

  Wanting to take your family out on a holiday is great, but involves a lot of planning. Without the right planning and cross-checking of information, a much-needed, relaxing vacation can turn nightmarish, especially when you have children with you.

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How serviced apartments are less stressful

Who doesn’t want to get away from their busy, stressful lives and go on a vacation where they would do nothing but relax? As they get closer to their date of departure, they begin counting down to the day they

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5 steps to easy balcony decor

After coming home from a long day at work, many like to enjoy some quiet time standing in their balconies. But city homes don’t always come with these. And even if they do, they are small, cramped spaces. However, there

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Long stay in a rented room? Personalize it!

It does not matter where you choose to stay — it could be a hotel room, a serviced apartment or a bed and breakfast. But staying in one for a long time can make your trip dull and gloomy. When

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What makes Hanu Reddy Residences the best accommodation in Chennai?

Every hotel or serviced apartment would claim to be the best choice you could make for your holiday. But how many of them are actually being truthful about what they have to offer? Among the several other criteria, this is

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Travel tips 101: How to travel light for a holiday

When you know that you’re going to be traveling for a while and living out of a suitcase, it is best that you meticulously plan the things that you take with you. While planning then and before dumping things into

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What to look for in a serviced apartment or hotel

When choosing a location of a hotel or serviced apartment, though we’d recommend the latter, there are a few primary facts that you must look into. This decision could be a crucial part of your holiday planning as here, you’re

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How are serviced apartments different from hotels?

Although services apartments might just be the better, more affordable option for frequent travelers, these should not be confused with regular hotels as the services provided by each may vary widely. So before making a reservation for yourself, inquire about

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Three simple steps to a beautiful budget wedding

A wedding is a beautiful occasion in itself. Planning a wedding within a budget can be quite stressful. Here’s three simple ideas can be really helpful in planning the most perfect wedding, within a reasonable budget at that.

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