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Insert Any Title Here But Girl Power


It is my firm belief that women should be celebrated every day, but if we’re going to have a one special day that is exclusive dedicated to how amazing we are, you won’t find me complaining. On March 8th, the

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Ah, love. It’s crazy, unpredictable, so important that we created a holiday over it, and forked over a whole lot of money to various corporations in celebration of it (honestly, would you do the same over a holiday created for…honesty?)

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Mahjulah Singapora!


It’s hard to find something you don’t like about Singapore. A mix between the traditions of the east and the fast paced industrialization of the west, it’s found itself a unique identity. For one of the smallest countries in the

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A Ballet and a Ballad


The end of January admittedly doesn’t have a lot going for it. Once you recover from the New Year excitement and attempts at keeping resolutions, the finger drumming begins as you wonder how to make the most of the last

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Pongal-O Pongal!


Bring out the rice, milk and jaggery and unearth those dhoti kurtas and saris, the harvest season’s here again. Pongal is one of the few times of the year we get to see the original and true spirit of Tamil

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Ring in the New Year!

new years

Well, we survived a near apocalypse, which is enough reason to bring many roofs down on the eve of the 31st. Even if said near apocalypse played out nothing like a John Cusack movie. New Year’s Eve is a time

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Santa’s not the only one in town


December’s here, which means the kind of music that will dominate the airwaves are carols. Songs that are played over and over until you can name all the reindeer. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing; we all need that

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When The World’s a Stage


You could say that there’s something innate about theatre in Chennai, maybe because Chennaites have a little more than just a flair for drama. Whatever it is, it’s working. The theatre scene has never been as vibrant or as bright

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The Perfect Diwali Treat


Recipe of Chocolate Diyas In Sanskrit, the word ‘deepavali’ means a ‘row of lamps’. As you fill your home with light and colour this festive season, here is a fun way to make a row of edible chocolate ‘clay’ lamps

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