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How are serviced apartments different from hotels?

Although services apartments might just be the better, more affordable option for frequent travelers, these should not be confused with regular hotels as the services provided by each may vary widely. So before making a reservation for yourself, inquire about the amenities that are provided to avoid being unpleasantly surprised.

Fewer attendants

During your stay at a serviced apartment, you will realize that most things are a DIY chore. While hotels usually have doormen, bell hops or valet at your service, these are things that you will have to take care of by yourself during your stay at a serviced apartment.

Bring your own toiletries

Another surprise that you might be in for, if you don’t look into it beforehand, is that toiletries are not always provided at serviced apartments. The small bottle of shampoo and lotion that guests are provided with at hotels are not a luxury afforded at serviced apartments. This, however, could be an upside for a lot of people who’d rather bring their own shampoo than risk having their hair fall out by using an unknown product.

No room service

While you’re making a reservation for a serviced apartment, think of it as renting your own place for a short term as here, you’re basically on your own. You might call the hotel restaurant when hungry, but no such room service is provided at serviced apartments. You will need to walk down to a store and grocery shop for yourself for the essentials.

It should be mentioned that this particular service varies from place to place. While there are serviced apartments that do not provide room service, there are others that do provide meals, but only during fixed hours.

Varying turnover service

Another factor you need to take into account is the turnover service provided. Most hotels provide a daily turnover service, fresh linen and towels every day. But at serviced apartments, this is usually a once a week affair. Those used to the hotel life might find this inconvenient, but those who value minimum intrusion might just welcome this.

Peace and quiet

A stay at a hotel almost always includes the hustle and bustle of a lot of people stomping down a hallway, noisy guests milling about, staff conversing right outside your door and the constant ding of an elevator, among other things. Now imagine a stay minus all of these.

With serviced apartments comes peace and quiet. Such places are not disturbed by the sound of too many people or vehicles as they are primarily located in residential areas. Also, the number of people checking in at serviced apartments is far lesser than what is seen at hotels. This is one of the greatest perks of staying at a serviced apartment.

While all these might feel like a burden at first, think about all the tips to room service, valet attendants and others that you’re saving, besides all the extra fees and hotel taxes. The budget-conscious travelers will surely look at the brighter side of things and opt for serviced apartment over hotels.

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