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Life, Fertility and Chocolate

There are so many things that make Easter special to so many people. For one,
it’s the celebration of life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, of hope
and redemption. It’s a day when the Christian community comes together to
celebrate the miracle of rebirth and the freedom of persecution.

It’s also about chocolate, God’s greatest gift to mankind.

And there is so much chocolate to speak of.

Everywhere you look, from malls, to chain bakeries to the grocery stores.
Easter eggs and Easter bunnies with their beady little M&M eyes just pleading
with you to eat them. You will find yourself relenting. Especially when some
of Chennai’s most well known bakeries will have their doors wide open on
the weekend with no intention of luring you in whatsoever (we hope you
understand sarcasm, because there is plenty of intention involved.) Hot
Breads, The Ajantha Bakery, McRennett, and Cake Walk will all have their
own little smorgasbord of Easter eggs and bunnies choose from. If you ever
wondered how the two got associated with Jesus Christ, they’re actually old
pagan symbols of fertility and the coming of spring. The Easter egg symbolizes
the empty tomb where Christ was life, and the bird that hatches from the egg
symbolizing his rising from the dead. The Easter Bunny is the furry Santa Claus
of springtime, and a reminder that you need to dupe your kids into believing
anything while you still can.

Chennai is making it blatantly known that Easter will be about the munchies
and nothing else. The Spice Haat, Anna Salai, has an Easter Egg hunt organised
for children, plus a traditional buffet which includes stir fried lamb, Beef
wellington and fried fish, starting at Rs. 2518. Live music is part of the makings
of a great lunch, and can be found at the Main Street Restaurant, T. Nagar,
which will feature their dinner and lunch buffets, and musical performances.
The celebrations extend all the way to ECR, where the Taj Fisherman’s Cove
will be hosting an Easter Food Festival from 11p.m to 12 p.m, on Easter

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