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Long stay in a rented room? Personalize it!

It does not matter where you choose to stay — it could be a hotel room, a serviced apartment or a bed and breakfast. But staying in one for a long time can make your trip dull and gloomy. When you’re away from home for a long duration, be it for work or a holiday, homesickness is a feeling that is bound to creep in. This is where personalizing your choice of accommodation can be helpful.

The first step to settling in is unpacking, as no one likes living out of a suitcase. So empty your bags, hang your clothes up in the wardrobe, fill up the drawers and stash your suitcase out of sight.

As you start getting used to the place, you could begin adding your personal touch to the place here and there. You could buy a small vase of flowers when you step out for an errand and also bring along your own blanket for extra comfort.

Passing up on the toiletries provided by the hotel and carrying your own is another option. This might not seem like much, but being surrounded by scents that you are familiar with could be soothing in their own way, without you realizing it.

The feeling of homesickness is mostly related to missing your family and friends. So keep them as close as you can when you are away. Bring small-sized photo frames with you and display them on your bedside table.

You could also ensure some ambient music in your room with small portable speakers. Some background noise at the end of a long day can be relaxing.

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