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Mrs. Ahmed

I am an NRI who stayed at Hanu Reddy Residences (Wallace Garden, Chennai) in June 2013. Having grown up in Chennai in a large bungalow myself, it felt like coming home. Once a private residence, the building has been converted into a B&B boasting 12 rooms with attached baths. The staff – right from Mr. Ramesh Babu, to the Oriya cook/servers/bellhops, and the elderly security guard – were gracious, helpful, and efficient. The room was very spacious (15 * 15 at least), as was its bathroom (10 * 10) that was cheerful, well outfitted and clean at all times. Among the complimentary services are – a delicious breakfast, bottled water and WiFi – a boon to the thirsty and tech-savvy traveler. The location cannot be beat – in the heart of Chennai, near the Taj/Landmark/the US embassy/2 major churches of historical interest/Pizza Corner/Ispahani Center/Spencers/Cane and Bamboo/Kalpa Druma/CakeWalk/Apollo Hospital, etc. The pricing and product were perfect. I hear that the Poes Garden branch is even better. I highly recommend the HR Residences to all segments of travellers! The establishment rates high with regard to security, dependable and pleasant staff, and tastefully designed surroundings.
- Mrs. Ahmed, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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