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HR Residences in Poes Garden, Chennai, offers the traveler a combination of quiet surroundings, well appointed facilities and a very hospitable staff. The Poes Garden facility is centrally located in Chennai. The rooms are spacious, very comfortable and well maintained. The garden is lush and compliments the charm of this property. The kitchen serves a sumptuous breakfast and other meals can be special ordered for very reasonable rates. The staff is very courteous and always ready to oblige. There are many pluses to the HR Residences at Poes Garden offered at an affordable price. During my recent stays, I have become acquainted with Mrs Nirupama Reddy and Mr Ram Reddy, the owners/operators for the property. They are indeed very hospitable people and care deeply for the well being of their customers. This place is a hidden gem. Look forward to staying here on my next trip to Chennai. chandru

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