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Our experience during our stay in HRR

We had originally scheduled to stay in Hanu Reddy Residence Poes Garden
Chennai for 10days, but went on to stay for 90 Days!!!
Little did we know what was in store for us!! They say even in bad things good things can happen and it did ! While the bad thing ( we won’t talk about it) was beyond our control. Every single person @ HRR made us forget our plight and made the rest of our stay ” most unforgettable” ! They really made us feel @ Home & went out of the way to help us in the recovery process, right from dawn to dusk taking care of every single need with devotion &dedication.

Our description of our experience @ HRR will be colorless and incomplete with out mentioning some outstanding staff Members :
Front desk executives Praveen Seeman Monica were GEMS ;
The chefs Prakash & Ajay fed us with care and smile everyday ;
Sharat & Abhishek were at our beck and call.
Others like, Devi Tamizh vasanthi well wishers !
Unforgettable ever smiling Raji !

It will not be difficult for anyone who stayed there to wonder how can
the staff are so warm, sincere,honest, caring and full of empathy ?
It is said that if at the top there is a good leader then the rest will follow and do so !!
I called her my Guardian Angel” this is not being said lightly, it is truly amazing
to see her in action right from 7 am her daily briefing starting from the gate to the front office, housekeeping and Kitchen to make sure everything is done
to the expectations of each and every guest who stays there no matter who they are and where they come from to see to their needs and comforts..
Mrs Nirupama Reddy is more than a COO , she is the heart and soul of the Operation.
While we have covered pretty much the whole world in our travels,
we have not encountered something like this where the service was truly par excellence! To be honest, at times we are unable to find words to express the level of care and love lavished on us, and we will cherish all of them in our hearts.
We wish Nirupama and her band of merry helpers the very best and pray they grow to become bigger and bigger so that we all can enjoy a place like Home while being away from Home !

With Love !

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