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Rooms: We stayed in the Presidential suite (Entire Apartment with Kitchen etc) for 4 days with a little toddler back Dec 2012. There was a good sized bedroom with a big king sized bed, some furniture and a television upon entering. There was another good sized room, separated from the bedroom with curtains. This other room had 2 makeshift beds which could be used for extra persons sleeping at night or a comfortable furniture for sitting down during the day. This room had a small dining table which was just suited for 2 people.

There was a small sized storage room for storing luggage and hanging coats/clothes.

The kitchen was small sized. Suitable if you want to make a tea or coffee yourselves, and you could even manage to cook a decent meal if you are up for it. It had a fridge, washing machine, microwave and a few utensils. The utensils were not quite helpful if you had to cook a full meal for a small family.

The bathroom and toilet were good sized, clean, however it was not en suite (it was at the far end of the suite of rooms) which I found to be a major disadvantage.

Food: They prepare food as per your specifications. We were health conscious and wanted it pretty bland (not too oily or spicy) and we got exactly that. You can go for the North Indian style of lunch or dinner (roti/subzi/daal) or the South Indian style of sambar, rasam, poriyal. Breakfast also had a good variety – they do dosas, idlis, upma, pongal etc. I would rate the quality and hygiene quite high. They were also quite happy to provide us with tea or coffee on demand throughout the day (for us as well as our guests). Food is charged separately, but worth the price you pay.

General hygiene: They cleaned and mopped the entire suite every day and cleaned the toilets too. They also did the beds and were quite happy to change sheets and provide spare sheets/pillows.

Service: The attitude of the people supporting the services was very good and polite right from the managers to the cooks and cleaners. They were pleasant mannered and helpful. They also received and stored on our behalf some internet deliveries before we landed.

Amenities: There is a Nilgiris supermarket nearby which stocks fresh fruit/veggies/dairy products and all branded cosmetics that you would need if you forgot to bring your essential toiletries.

Mosquitoes: They have nets attached to all windows but this doesn’t make the suite mosquito proof. This is a problem all over Chennai and their service apartments are not immune. I strongly recommend buying an electric bat (looks like a tennis racket and costs under 300 Rs I think). We bought one of these and did a mosquito cleansing every night before going to bed and ensured we kept the doors closed at all times so the mosquitoes can’t get in. This minimized mosquito bites to a great level.

1. The air conditioning in the main bedroom and the other room was quite effective and they have generators to support continuous supply of electricity including ACs when there are power cuts.
2. They were quite happy to provide a DVD player, Laptop etc on extra charge.
3. They provided newspaper every day and bottled water at no extra cost.

Overall, we had a good and pleasant experience and got more than we expected. I would definitely recommend this place for Indian as well as International Travelers.

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