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Ramachandra Sundaralingam International Drug Expert France

I wish to place on record the Excellent Service Provided to Mr and Mrs Udeshi and staff during their 4 days stay at Hanu Reddy Residences in Chennai. It is difficult to express our gratitude and thankfulness to Mr. Muralidharan, Manager/Operations an energetic and enthusiatic person, who made their stay comfortable and very pleasant. Mr. Muralidharan took great pride in making all the arrangements for their visits to Cultural and tourist sites in and around chennai, displaying qualities as a dynamic Public Relations Officer. I recommend with complete confidence that Mr. Muralidharan with all the Management/Public Relations skill will continue to be an asset to your company for more years. I also wish to convey our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Nirupama Reddy for the Courtesy and Hospitality extended to us especially suggesting a Superb Menu for the Lunch on the first day of the arrival of Udeshi Family Group in chennai. Hopefully My wife and myself will get the opportunity to meet you and other members of the family on your next visit to Chennai.

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