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Having lived in hotels and service apartments in different countries, we can boldly say that our recent stay for 12 days at Hanu Reddy Residences in Poes Garden was one of the very best, homely experience. Away from the city noise, but close to shopping centres, gives a plus point to the location. Stepping out into a serene, well-maintained garden with an overlooking statue of Buddha gives peace of mind. A friendly, helpful staff and delicious, homely food are sure to attract guests repeatedly to the HRR. Above all, the greeting smiles of Mrs. Nirupama, Mr. Ram and Mr. Antony made us feel that we are staying in a home and not in a formal hotel.

Ads by hotels may sometimes be exaggerated and deceptive, but we can surely say that in HRR
one can get a true ‘Home away from Home’ feeling.

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