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I and my husband Dr. M S Seshadri had the wonderful experience staying in Hanu Reddy Residences when we visited Chennai early this year. I was first skeptical about the facilities available for my physically challenged husband’s needs. To my surprise and joy, Mrs. Nirupama, in-charge of the Residence, took extreme care of us as her own parents, and did all the arrangements necessary before even requesting, making our stay the most memorable.

The great advantage of Hanu Reddy Residences is its location. The food offered from their kitchen was homely and tasty, the ambnience excellent, and the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Our future visits’ stay will be definitely Hanu Reddy Residences, a home away from home, and we highly recomment it to other travellers, so they can also enjoy their stay as we did. Thank you Nirupama!

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