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Shyam Sunder Pune

Chennai is a city of Old World charm and Hanu Reddy Residences remind you of such time and beauty. Though I grew up in Chennai and have a family home, I usually stay at hotels due to work and meetings. In my recent trip to Chennai I had this chance to stay at Hanu Reddy Residence (HRR) for the first time with my wife and son as they were on a holiday mood and the stay was overwhelming. Clean large sized rooms, nutritious breakfast and quick service. Besides any good point I can write about HRR, they make your stay feel as home away from home. You wake up with birds chirping and pleasant aroma of flowers around, soothing music during the evenings, you can have your own party in terrace and there are other guests with whom you can chat over a cup of coffee in casual pace. Technically this is a hideaway resort in centre of the city. No high funda Jazz or fancy hotel feel. A convenient residence for family and business or solo. I strongly recommend HRR to all.

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