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Sravanthi Ganesh

When my sister (the bride) and I proposed Hanu Reddy as a possible wedding venue for the intimate wedding we were planning for her, all we were expecting was a peaceful and clean place with privacy. What we got in return was much much more than that – great place, the hospitality of the staff, attention to detail, and more than anything, personal care and immense help from Nirupama aunty. Their commitment and quality of service is superb; but more than anything, what made it memorable was the personal care and family-like support we got from Nirupama aunty and her staff.

During the 3 days we were there, as luck would have it, it rained cats and dogs and we were not prepared for that (outdoor reception & wedding!). My parents were stressed, to say the least. Nirupama aunty, even without us requesting anything from her, took charge of the situation and handled everything – from ensuring the decorations were in place, to making sure the venue was protected from the rain and was cleaned/mopped regularly for the reception. She was there again, the next morning at 4am talking to the decorators, caterers, her staff to ensure the wedding preparations were going without a hitch. Our closest family members did not go to that extent. Thank you aunty!

Her entire staff was wonderful. They were very cordial with everyone, listened to all our our requests, handled situations without our prodding or our involvement. With a smile on their face, they went out of their way to make the entire affair a memorable one.

We would highly recommend Hanu Reddy Residences to everyone and for our future occasions, Hanu Reddy will be our stop. We splendidly managed a reception/wedding (with ~200+ people attending, and ~65 house guests) in this beautiful place. I will be happy to provide more details to anyone who is looking at Hanu Reddy for possible events.

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