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I lived at Hanu Reddy in Poes Garden for nearly two months (mid-July through mid-September) and absolutely loved my time there. To echo the sentiments of the other reviewers: These serviced apartments would just not the be same without Ms. Reddy and her team. They do a fantastic job of providing top-notch hospitality and, in my mind, go above and beyond their call of duty. When I needed some help with grocery shopping, they’d volunteer to do it. The time I was running late to a meeting, one of the managers gave me a lift in his car so I could make it on time. Ms. Reddy was generous to offer honey from her home when my mother needed some! If the devil is in the details, then the folks at Hanu Reddy have him by the scruff of the neck. Indeed, Hanu Reddy Residences offers a level of impeccable, personalized, service that is hard to rival in the commercial space.

The residences are situated in a very central, beautiful, secure and quiet area of Chennai. The rooms are spotless – as are the common areas – which, combined with the location, provide for a beautiful ambiance. The food is delicious, cooked fresh and to order. The staff is particularly friendly, warm and helpful. There is also a functional gym on the premises.

Some folks have complained about the WiFi signal being iffy or nonexistent in their rooms. Since every room has a wired internet connection, one way around this is to ask the staff for an ethernet cable.

Since I used the laundry service extensively, I can attest to this being great as well. My clothes were never lost nor misplaced and always came back by the end of the day all pressed and cleaned. There’s also washer and dryer if you like to do your own laundry.

Overall I’m extremely extremely pleased with my time at Hanu Reddy and would like to thank Ms. Reddy and her team for all their effort in making my stay a comfortable and memorable one.

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