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The welcome by the staff on arrival was warm and very useful. We didn’t have to find the reception, they found us! Even before our arrival they had checked out our food preferences!

The room was very clean. Outside was so peaceful and quiet and elegantly landscaped, it is with great effort one has to remind yourself that you are in the heart of the hustling bustling, hot & humid, noisy Chennai!

The thoughtful gesture of serving hot snacks after we settled in the room was so warmly different from the cold fruits which are normally parked in five star hotel rooms (that was also there!) Everything in the room was working well.

The food was very homely. The service staff were very polite and humble – they made you feel good and special.

The eggless birthday cake was so so thoughtful and generous that it made my stay most memorable in my life!

The hot dosas at the morning breakfast were excellent.

When we were leaving, again the service staff (was his name Abhishek?) took us all the way to our transport and this left a good impression.

For its location, it is the most amazing deal for the discerning traveller who wants 5 star comfort at 2 star prices!

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