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The central kitchen in each of our Residences is a spacious, well ventilated and well equipped station. While maintaining the feel of a good, clean, home kitchen the visible difference lies in the state-of-the art equipment and electronic gadgets that are essential to cook and serve food for large families. The Executive Chef manages daily menus and special diet requirements skilfully and dexterously. It is no mean task because it calls for great resource management at all levels along with inventory control and precise timing. All these topped with impeccable service with prime focus on maintaining a clean and hygienic ambience. For us, what we present on the outside is matched with equal importance on the inside. Because that is the corner stone of our philosophy – Athithi Devo Bhava = Guest is God.

The menus are simple and uncomplicated with wholesome, healthy food, fresh vegetables and fruits being a part of the daily food platter. We take special care to ensure that the best ingredients go into our cooking and our inventories are designed to help us keep adequate stock of fresh supplies. There is a broad head of cuisines to make choices from – Indian (North and South), Chinese and Continental. We always try to accommodate the little needs of special guests – those who have food restrictions on account of health, others who have been advised diet control for undergoing surgery and recovery and simply some others who have been accustomed to their own food choices and styles of eating. Senior citizens and children are among our focus too and we go a little out of the way to make them happy and comfortable by fulfilling their small wishes.

Our kitchen chefs are encouraged and helped to upgrade their knowledge of various foods and learn the art of preparing and serving a wide variety of dishes.