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17 Poes Garden

 Enjoy our Amphitheater!

     Welcome to 17 Poes Garden, our finest building yet! This residence comes with 11 rooms – 2 mini suites, 5 deluxe and 4 standard rooms. The Residence comes equipped with a state of the art kitchen with stone backsplash and inlay work. Located on the tranquil, rooftop terrace, there are two flowing fountains that provide soothing comfort to the weary traveler. 17 Poes Garden is home to the first Hanu Reddy Residences Amphitheater that is perfect for corporate and private events. Guests can enjoy movies and presentations in the amphitheater and dinner can be served across the way on the adjoining terrace. A convenient bridge connects the two. With our three residences complete, the houses can be taken for large wedding parties or concert groups.
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