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What makes Hanu Reddy Residences the best accommodation in Chennai?

Every hotel or serviced apartment would claim to be the best choice you could make for your holiday. But how many of them are actually being truthful about what they have to offer? Among the several other criteria, this is

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What to look for in a serviced apartment or hotel

When choosing a location of a hotel or serviced apartment, though we’d recommend the latter, there are a few primary facts that you must look into. This decision could be a crucial part of your holiday planning as here, you’re

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How are serviced apartments different from hotels?

Although services apartments might just be the better, more affordable option for frequent travelers, these should not be confused with regular hotels as the services provided by each may vary widely. So before making a reservation for yourself, inquire about

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Three simple steps to a beautiful budget wedding

A wedding is a beautiful occasion in itself. Planning a wedding within a budget can be quite stressful. Here’s three simple ideas can be really helpful in planning the most perfect wedding, within a reasonable budget at that.

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A Note from the Connoisseurs of Hospitality!

Dinner Spread

What began as one man’s vision, three years ago is growing by leaps to becoming a legacy in hospitality. Mr. Hanu Reddy dreamed of providing his guests not just accommodation but an experience of his way of life, a feeling

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