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Tout onne fantaisie en Français (Everything sounds fancier in French)

Face it; hipsters have now become the most mainstream thing ever. Ironically. There’s nothing like a good pair of nerds perched on the edge of your nose while you skim through a John Green book, sipping your very organic tea, but not before a very filtered picture of all of this makes its way to Instagram.

At the end of the day, relentless parody aside, hipsters are just really lovable people. Sometimes you just want to come home to Tumblr and see a really deep quote juxtaposed with a picture of a flower and wonder what the two have to do with each other. It’s a growing, thought provoking and often very pretty (vintage clothing and photography? Yes, please.) form of subculture that is coming to define many aspects of art, including film. If you feel your inner disregard for the mainstream surfacing, Chennai is a place of solace for you, because nothing screams intellectual hipster like a French Film Festival. One of the Alliance Francaise’s biggest annual events, these movies are so indie they don’t even have a stub on Wikipedia.

Romeo and Juliet’s been done a million times and then some, so there’s really no better way to re-vamp it by having the star crossed lovers thing done in prison, as Silent Voices, directed by Lea Fehner, will show you. When sixteen year old Laure falls in love with prison inmate Alexander, enter trials and tribulations of your first angst ridden love. It’s also important to remember the rich diversity of the French speaking countries, stretching all the way from Canada to regions of Africa, in this case, Chad. The film, A Screaming Man, directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, takes place in the midst of a civil war. A former swimming champion turned pool cleaner is give up his job to his son when new employers takes over, and is also constantly harassed into contributing to the “war effort”, providing money or volunteers for the cause.

The film brings out the importance of father- son relationships, and how early retirement isn’t for everyone. Other films that will be screened are Hideaway, by Francois Ozon, and Nostalgia for Light, by Patricio Guzman. It will take place at the Alliance Francaise till the 31st of May, and entry is on a first come first serve basis.

Bring your own Beret.

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