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Travel tips 101: How to travel light for a holiday

Pack light and travel fuss-free!
When you know that you’re going to be traveling for a while and living out of a suitcase, it is best that you meticulously plan the things that you take with you. While planning then and before dumping things into your bag, stop and think: Do I really need this?

People have the tendency to carry excess baggage with them, things that don’t even make it out of the suitcase during their trip. So what is the point in lugging them around with you and nursing an aching back or having to pay for excess baggage at airports? Try these tips to know how to pack right and light for your holiday:

The suitcase/bag:

The first step would be to make sure that your case itself is a light one. While rucksacks are the ideal ones for some, others prefer others prefer carry-on strolleys. It would be a good idea to pick a light one as you know you’re going to have to move around with it for a while.

Clothes and shoes:

Be smart. You do not need your entire wardrobe with you for a ten-day stay away from home.

The technique of packing:

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can save a lot of space in your bag. It also helps keep them look more crease-free.

You should also store your shoes right at the bottom of the bag instead of trying to squeeze them into spaces at the top. And speaking of shoes, carrying just the basics instead of your entire collection would be the clever thing to do. Only fancy pair is enough for that unexpected occasion that might crop up.


One sure-shot way of making sure you don’t overload your bag with unnecessary toiletries is to pick a toiletry bag that’s small. Invest in some travel bottles for your shampoo and lotion and learn to make do with them.

In cases of a long-planned holiday, what could help make your life easier is choosing a place to stay that’s close enough to stores that sell at least the basic necessities. Before booking your accommodation, such enquiries must be made.

Knick-knacks to carry:

Keep these to a minimum. As mentioned above, the smart thing to do would be to try and find an accommodation where you can purchase simple, use-and-throw things that you might need on the go.

So all you travelers, keep these simple things in mind before you pack and you’re sorted for a happy, fuss-free holiday!

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