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What to look for in a serviced apartment or hotel

When choosing a location of a hotel or serviced apartment, though we’d recommend the latter, there are a few primary facts that you must look into. This decision could be a crucial part of your holiday planning as here, you’re choosing your “home away from home.”

Keep the next few pointers in mind before coming to a decision.


First and foremost, decide what kind of location you would prefer — one in the heart of the city or away from the hustle and bustle, in the suburbs. Once you decide, you should also keep in mind how far the serviced apartment is from the places you’d like to visit.


It is difficult to come by quality accommodation at reasonable rates these days. So the services and amenities offered at your choice of accommodation and the prices they are offered at, need to be thoroughly researched.


Every third hotel would claim to be the best, with the best staff and best rooms. But what about the way they are maintained? Cleanliness and hygiene must be top of your checklist for places to be considered. Availability of housekeeping should also be looked up.


Let’s face it. Everyone loves a place that provides free WiFi. Although hard to come by, look for places which have the service even for a small cost.

So next time you’re planning a vacation, don’t forget to thoroughly research these points. Asking locals before checking in would also be a good option.

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