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5 steps to easy balcony decor

Balcony Decor
After coming home from a long day at work, many like to enjoy some quiet time standing in their balconies. But city homes don’t always come with these. And even if they do, they are small, cramped spaces.

However, there are ways to make even these tiny quarters look appealing; read ahead to know how.

1. Opt for small furniture that is foldable. Keep in mind your flooring, the color of the walls and more importantly, the shape of the balcony. If the furniture compliments the shape of the verandah, it will give the illusion of a bigger space. Other elements of decoration can be thought of depending on the space available following this.

2. Brighten up your chosen pieces of furniture with small cushions. Again, these need to complement the flooring and color of the walls and surroundings. Contrasting colors would look beautiful as well.

3. As in home décor, adding plants to this area of the house can add freshness to it. If your balcony is small, opt for smaller plants. You could also add plants in hanging stands or creepers with small flowers.

4. If space permits, add a shed over the balcony to protect your items and furniture from the excessive wear and tear they might be subject to nature. Too much of sunlight or rain and lead to irreversibly damaging them.

5. Adding bright yet subtle lighting around your balcony can make it the ideal spot for you to relax yourself, or even complete that extra bit of work you have pending.

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