Nungambakkam, together with some key government buildings, is the center for many prestigious educational institutions and multinational commercial institutions, and other sports and shopping places.

Nungambakkam is a vibrant section of town, renowned among young people, and lined with comfortable hotels.

Our Hanu Reddy Residences is best because it’s not only comfortable but easy to use in your pockets. It is not because we compromise on our service, but because we are a modest and environmentally friendly home.

Nature requires nothing. No place in Nungambakkam is going to correspond to our unique experience when you visit us, making us the best budget service apartments in Nungambakkam.





    We know the risks posed by a pandemic and therefore we took great care to give our residents a very safe experience when they stay with us. The prevention rules and regulations of COVID-19 as laid down by the government are strictly complied with.

    • Generously spaced rooms with natural ventilation
    • Individually air-conditioned rooms
    • No centralized AC system even in the common areas
    • Contactless check-in
    • Temperature checks on arrival
    • Rigorous cleaning schedules with high care to the frequently touched areas.
    • All staffs wearing protective gear while cleaning the rooms
    • Availability of lots of open space and safety stations
    • Hygienically prepared meals
    • Roll out of sanitizers at the main common parts of the residence.

    We assure you that when you stay with us, we are fully prepared for the pandemic and so hopefully you will be with us too.

    Since we are located close to hospitals, we know people who come to us for medical reasons and therefore we are extremely interested in the regulations.

    We want inhabitants to comply with the rules for the well-being of other residents and their own. With all the safety measures and hygienic procedures, we are undoubtedly the best budget service apartments in Nungambakkam.


    Our Hanu Reddy Residence is situated in one of the most important residential areas of Nungambakkam, Wallace Gardens. In our Hanu Reddy Residence, you can enjoy a quiet home-like stay amongst the greenery.

    The famous Apollo Hospital and Sankara Nethralaya are also within a walking distance to meet the needs of the people who visit there for medical purposes.

    The American consulate is also very nearby, a 5-minutes drive away, and Semmozhi Poonga is also a few minutes away.

    And let us not leave the fact that we are parallel to the Khader Nawaz Khan Road, commonly known as the KNK, the true stairway to the sky in the very center of the city.

    Everybody in KNK always has something to do. 

    It is decorated with the best authentic multi-cuisine dining facilities, games, resto-bars, the finest shopping boutiques in the city, fashion settings and ice cream, and many more which you can enjoy in the vicinity making us the best budget service apartments in Nungambakkam.



    Our founder Mr. Hanu Reddy started this enterprise to extend the legendary hospitality of his family to the rest of the world. In remembrance of his mother, Ms. Pushpaveni Reddy, who cooked fantastic meals for her family at any celebration, Pushpa opened the  kitchen in his own real estate business.

    We are therefore very friendly to our customers. We offer traditional, homemade, and continental dishes prepared by well-trained chefs who are happy to meet your dietary needs.

    There are numerous well-known restaurants nearby but due to the quality of our homemade food, you’d enjoy dining with us. Our goal is to give you the best experience you can with us when you stay. That is why, whenever you see our landscape for the very first time, you will see a green environment that will scream “faultless.”

    We are proud of housing and the ornamental greenery spread of our home, and we have no smoking policy. We also have garden terraces from which you can enjoy nature and relax. Our atmosphere is well-styled old-fashioned, with antiques and artworks that are also modernly equipped.

    We also have a 24-hour desk service which takes care of your questions at any time of day or night. Our service and hospitality make us the best budget service apartments in Nungambakkam.


    We do not want your fitness schedules to interfere, so our residence is equipped with a fitness center, which is always open. We also provide a complimentary signature breakfast buffet that will keep you busy for the day. Our rooms are equipped with high-speed WiFi access and softer beds.

    We offer a 24-hour bed & breakfast service, which will be available every night or day. As a paid service, we take care of your laundry. We also offer our residents airport and rail transport to avoid the hassle of booking a cab in the busy area. We also have a town car rental that you can rent anywhere in town.

    As mentioned earlier we are in one of Chennai’s most convenient and important parts, so you will be looking forward to seeing it here. Since now we are in a pandemic and traveling times are riskier, we can reassure you that we are completely safe and secure and it has become very necessary for us to maintain our sincerity, values, and kindness while we are dealing with this pandemic.

    And you’re going to get this exactly when you visit us. We have a 25-year-old heritage of entertaining people who visit us and are delighted with us. 


    You’re always greeted and we make sure you have a nice time with us. To have a good time and to have a stress-free and pleasant stay we are the best budget service apartments in Nungambakkam.