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Three simple steps to a beautiful budget wedding

A wedding is a beautiful occasion in itself. Planning a wedding within a budget can be quite stressful. Here’s three simple ideas can be really helpful in planning the most perfect wedding, within a reasonable budget at that.

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In The Days of Old


I love the fact that we live in the 2000’s. That I can watch movies on my phone, I can order food on my computer, that my alarm clock is also my iPod. It’s a great time to be alive

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Tout onne fantaisie en Français (Everything sounds fancier in French)


Face it; hipsters have now become the most mainstream thing ever. Ironically. There’s nothing like a good pair of nerds perched on the edge of your nose while you skim through a John Green book, sipping your very organic tea, but not before

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Little Korea

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The Korean impact everywhere is hard to ignore. The food’s great. The clothes are all sorts of vibrant. South Korea is one of Asia’s most developed countries and has one if it’s largest economies. As for PSY and Gangnam Style,

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Oh, Momma.


Over the course of time, there have been a thousand ways to describe what a mom means to many different people; a friend, a teacher, a disciplinarian, the person who gets a say in nearly every aspect of your life,

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Jude, Penny, and a Walrus.


In the sixties, the United States had to deal with a British Invasion all over again. Except this time it was much, much worse, because screaming and fainting fan girls are an army of their own. Four boys with great

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Hail the Kings!


I enjoy the IPL very, very much, even if I don’t really get cricket. As fully aware as I am of the fact that I could get be deported, I stand firmly by my opinion that too many numbers confuse

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Life, Fertility and Chocolate


There are so many things that make Easter special to so many people. For one, it’s the celebration of life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, of hope and redemption. It’s a day when the Christian community comes together to

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Colours Abound!


Springtime is ushered in in many different ways; the joy you see at that first sight of green pushing its way through cement, saying goodbye to an unreasonably large amount of winter clothing, and if you happen to be in

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Insert Any Title Here But Girl Power


It is my firm belief that women should be celebrated every day, but if we’re going to have a one special day that is exclusive dedicated to how amazing we are, you won’t find me complaining. On March 8th, the

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