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With a tradition of welcoming and hosting people for about 3 decades, the services we provide in our hotels near Sankara Nethralaya, will make everyone feel comfortable and at peace as being at home. Our hotels near Sankara Nethralaya in Nungambakkam and Teynampet, the most striking spots of Chennai, will be a stay that you will treasure forever.

Hotels Near Sankara Nethralaya

Home Away From Home Near Sankara Nethralaya

Sankara Nethralaya is one of the country’s greatest eye hospitals, offering world-class services at reasonable rates, making it a preferred destination for patients from around the world to seek eye care. This place also faces massive traffic of people drawn from different nationalities of the world because of Sankara Nethralaya’s popularity and prominence. Coming back to a quiet place after a busy, eventful day in one of the busiest parts of the city is really a gift and we at Hanu Reddy Residences take responsibility to provide you with utmost comfort and peace. It’s a home away from home here! We take pride in maintaining a mutually valuable and powerful relationship with customers.

Hanu Reddy Residences Located at Heart of the City

Our Hanu Reddy Residences are situated in two of Chennai’s key residential neighborhoods. One is at Wallace Gardens, Nungambakkam, and the other is at Teynampet, Poes Garden. They are both 2-3 km away from Sankara Nethralaya, which is just a 5-8 minutes’ drive. In our hotels near Sankara Nethralaya, we serve a calm and serene atmosphere that is eco-friendly. It is difficult to find a spot like ours, located right in the center of Chennai, with a luxuriant expanse of trees and scenic ponds. Just a glimpse at our homes and you’ll understand precisely what we’ve been talking about.

Affordable And Safe Accommodation


There are a number of emerging accommodations in this area close to Sankara Nethralaya, but the most important reason you would choose us is because of the pleasant vibe our place offers. In contrast with other hotels near Sankara Nethralaya in the city, it is more affordable with extreme hygiene and safety measures, with no-smoking policies, and so forth.

Fully Equipped With Latest Amenities


All the rooms are elegantly set up with natural ventilation and light. Your work at the hospital may extend and appointments may be postponed, however, when you return, you can be sure that tasty, healthy, and hygienic home-cooked meals will be waiting for you, keeping your health in check. We have adorned the rooms with antiques and are equipped with all the latest amenities with the classic modern setting theme.

The Warm Hospitality of Hanu Reddy Residences

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Mr. Hanu Reddy, our founder, set up this business 25 years ago in order to extend the celebrated hospitality and hosting of his family to the rest of the country, and so we have preserved it since then. Pushpa’s kitchen was also inaugurated as a tribute to his mother, who was a fabulous cook. Ever since we have been preparing in-house meals. The years of experience and expertise they gained working with us have trained our cooks and they produce both traditional and continental meals, the taste of which will linger on your tongue forever. They also are experts in serving meals with respect to your dietary needs and requirements if you have any. We are careful about this because we have people visiting us who also come for medical assistance in particular.

Round The Clock Services

To meet your needs at any time of the day or night, we have a 24-hour accessible counter and room service policy. We are recognized for our potential to create meaningful interactions with our regular visitors who become our guests. Our stay in the absolute meaning and definition for relaxation and peace.

Events and Celebrations at Hanu Reddy Residencies

Our hotels located near Sankara Nethralaya are equipped with a banquet hall, 2 terrace gardens, and a wide courtyard at Poes Garden, Teynampet, making it ideal for intimate gatherings if you need any. We can arrange it all with the expertise of our professional event organizers, whether it’s a birthday celebration or a wedding party, an indoor or an outdoor party.

Catering Services at Events

To host international conventions or launch your product releases or for corporate events of any scale, we have a conference hall. We also offer catering services for all the events. Hosting your events on our premises comes with the added advantage of a scenic, calm and serene environment. All activities are organized in compliance with the safety guidelines of COVID-19, and therefore it is secure and safe.

Indulge in Our Greenery

Our residences are surrounded by a lush tropical environment so we have taken the opportunity to never let this valuable resource be invaded by any development. Some of the trees that surround these homes are over 5 decades old and create a micro-environment that is visible.


Unwind Under Canopies

 Huge Copper Pod trees, fragrant Plumerias, delicate water lilies, healing Neem trees, lively Badam trees, and colorful Bougainvillea shrubs are the plants we nurture. Imagine yourself stepping out into our terrace gardens or verandas and enjoying your perfect cup of coffee under the canopy of exotically magnificent trees or even do some stretching and exercise peacefully! Isn’t it a dream? Contact us to experience its bliss with Hanu Reddy Residences.

COVID Regulations And Compliance


We are mindful of the dangers of traveling in the pandemic and have thus taken extreme caution and provide a very healthy environment for our residents while they stay with us. As specified by the government, we strictly follow the COVID-19 prevention rules and regulations.

  • With natural ventilation, perfectly spaced rooms
  • Custom air-conditioned spaces.
  • No centralized AC system, even in common areas.
  • Check-in without touch.
  • Checks for temperature on arrival.
  • Rooms are washed and left empty for 72 hours.
  • Rigorous and careful cleaning schedules for the commonly contaminated areas.
  • Workers wear protective gear when maintaining the rooms.
  • Availability of tons of security and open space stations.
  • Meals hygienically cooked.
  • Roll out sanitizers used in the key common areas of the residence.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We guarantee you that when you stay with us, we are completely prepared for us to combat the pandemic and so we believe you are too whenever you spend the night with us. We are conscious of customers who frequently visit for medical purposes because we are located near Sankara Nethralaya and Apollo hospitals, and so we are very specific about the regulations. We would like the occupants to obey the rules for the well-being of themselves and their other residents.

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