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Hail the Kings!

I enjoy the IPL very, very much, even if I don’t really get cricket. As fully aware as I am of
the fact that I could get be deported, I stand firmly by my opinion that too many numbers
confuse me. But it’s hard not to get in the spirit of the next month or so, with everyone
wearing yellow, wondering if the Kings will be crowned again, and when your TV’s not
allowed to have any other channel play but TEN sports, you really can’t beat ‘em, so you
join ‘em, and make the most of it.

With Chennai hosting matches all through the season, there are a number of ways you can
cheer on tje home team; but nothing really beats the experience of a watching a match right
there in the MA Chidambaram stadium. So without further ado, I present an unofficial, very
handy, full of personal experience guide to surviving your first live IPL match:

Get there early: There are about 9 million people in the city, half who are clambering home
to watch the match, half who are trying to get to the actual thing. This spells traffic. Lots of
it. Try and leave at least an hour early. If you’re from Santhome, give yourself a high five for
locational advantages.

Dress right: They call it an Indian summer for a reason, even if I’m getting the context
completely wrong. But it’s sweltering this time of year, there are hundreds of people
packed in an enclosed area, turning up looking ready for Milan is probably not the best idea.
Showing up in yellow definitely is. CSK jerseys are available all across the city, in stores like
Reebok, and the official site,

Eat, drink, and then eat some more: It’s going to be a very long night, and all that screaming
for sixes is bound to build up an appetite. The stadium has stalls set up throughout the
night, but I’d recommend eating something before you get there, because that food sells.
Also, stay hydrated. You fainting on live tv makes for bad ratings.

Have a blast: Watching a match with the home crowd cheer on the home team is an
experience you’ll never forget, and you’ll come to love namma Chennai more than you
thought you could. Throw confetti in the air, do the Mexican wave with the crowd, wave
around makeshift flags, and yell your lungs out.

The IPL schedule can be found here:

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