With the emergence of this unfortunate outbreak, that went on to become a deadly pandemic, individuals all over the globe are witnessed being afraid of getting out of their houses. Traveling for leisure is a far-fetched dream of most people, at least until the pandemic is under control.

When traveling becomes inevitable in these trying times, you can turn to Hanu Reddy Residences. Both our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate are the best choice to go with if you’re someone who prioritizes your health before everything else. 

Traveling to other states is a risk in today’s world. However, some emergencies leave us no other choice. But you have the option of choosing to stay in a safe place.

When you are traveling to a busy and crowded city like Chennai, it is always ideal to choose a well-reputed and hygienic place to stay. If you are looking for such a place, Hanu Reddy Residences is the right answer for you. 



Hanu Reddy Residences is among the best hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate, right at the heart of the mega-metropolitan city. Our team at Hanu Reddy Residences prioritizes sanitization and cleanliness over everything else.

Hence, we will put our best foot forward, to ensure that everyone who interacts within the premises is safe from the clutches of the infamous COVID-19 virus. Every room is sanitized after each use to ensure that the next client is as safe from exposure as possible.




    Apart from that, we also make sure that all the corridors, staircases, and other spaces used regularly by visitors, are thoroughly sanitized daily. In addition to that, our cleaning schedules also involve regular deep cleaning rounds which take place, apart from deep cleaning after every client. After all, there is no room for compromise when it comes to your safety. 


    We understand how important it is to offer a safe and clean environment for our customers, and to make that happen, we have introduced many new cleaning schedules in addition to our effective cleaning methods.

    Our hotel near Anna Salai US Consulate is a very safe place to stay, thanks to our rigorous cleaning methods. We do not take things for granted and conduct thorough cleaning to ensure safety for our clients. Our team will clean every room thoroughly, with extra attention to high traffic areas after every checkout. 

    We leave freshly-sanitized rooms vacant for the next 72 hours before the next guest checks in. Other such methods we have introduced due to the pandemic include safety stations, temperature checks, and contactless check-ins.

    Our prime goal is to make our guests feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay at our hotel, and we will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Our team is prepared to put their blood, sweat, and tears into making your stay as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. For more information, get in touch with us.


    A hotel is of no use to you if it is not accessible to the rest of the city. It does not help if you have a problem finding transport or commute services without too much hassle. Worry not! Hanu Reddy Residences is here to the rescue!

    Ours is among the best hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate, which is quite accessible to the rest of the city. Apart from that, you can also easily find transport services in and around the prevailing locality. 

    Hanu Reddy Residences is an all-rounder when it comes to accommodative hotels. This is because, apart from being family-friendly, our hotel can also accommodate individuals who visit the city for work and wish to stay in only for a couple of days. 

    If you are someone who wishes to visit the US Consulate located in Anna Salai, then Hanu Reddy Residences is the best option for you. Our hotels are located in the most sophisticated areas of the city, in Wallace Garden, Nungambakkam and Poes Garden, Teynampet, both of which are just a short drive of about ten minutes to the US Consulate.

    This makes our hotel the best choice for individuals who come for business purposes to the city.

    Apart from that, the hotels are also well-connected with the rest of the city through great roads and other forms of transportation. 

    And as for commuting, you can either opt for a town car from the hotel through prior booking or can utilize transport services like OLA, Uber, and so on, which are available quite easily in the locality. 

    If you have to travel within the city, our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai can be very helpful as we are located in the heart of the city.

    From the central railway station to the beach, every top location in the city is closer to our hotels. 


     It would take you a maximum of thirty minutes to reach most of the prime locations in the city from our hotels, making it a very accessible place. Our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate are surrounded by everything that an individual might need for a long stay or a short trip.

    Hanu Reddy Residences is surrounded by thriving fast-food chains, sophisticated restaurants, places of tourist interest, and even the best hospitals and health care centers.

    You can access most of these places at any time of the day, at your convenience. Our hotel is located in a prime spot, making it the best option for anyone who wishes to visit Chennai. 

    While being located in a very important location, our hotels are surrounded by shops and hotels that are open almost throughout the day.

    From top-class restaurants to high-end salons, everything will be at an earshot’s distance from our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai. You will be able to get all your essentials at any time of the day.

    Come visit one of the best hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate, and experience warm hospitality and the feeling of being at home away from home. Contact our team at Hanu Reddy Residences for more details. 



    When it comes to making your stay a memorable one, our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate are the best options for you. In spite of being situated in the heart of the city, our hotel is the epitome of peace and quiet. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but Hanu Reddy Residences delivers the ultimate comfort of calm and tranquility, in the convenience of staying close to the city. 

    Hanu Reddy Residences is known for bringing culture and homeliness to your doorstep, and this is quite evident from its hospitality. Our hotel premises are covered in lush, green stretches of land that bring you the experience of being amidst nature, even while residing in the heart of the city.


    When you go for a casual stroll, wanting to explore the place, you’ll find yourself close to nature and feel at peace. You’ll also find yourself exploring southern culture as you witness sculptures and paintings depicting it to you across the space.

    At Hanu Reddy Residences, you’ll witness authentic South culture meeting homely hospitality. Once you set foot in either of our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate, you’ll find yourself wanting to come back to us over and over again.

    Mr. Hanu Reddy, the founder of the Hanu Reddy Residences group of hotels, envisioned a place where one always felt at home, away from home. He wanted to inculcate the love and warmth that his mother showered him with, in his hotels, so that everyone who visits, feels connected to us, apart from being content with the stay.

    For us, Hanu Reddy Residences is more than just about offering quality hospitality services.

    We wish to bring to you the right amount of traditional, with just a touch of modern. Bringing together the best of both worlds will be our goal and we constantly work towards achieving it. 


    While our hotel bungalows have a vintage look to them, we have all the modern facilities and amenities that one could wish for in our hotels. Our hotels were designed with openness in mind, which is why we have very spacious rooms, which will ensure that there is no lack of fresh air at your place.

    Our hotels also have terrace gardens, verandas, and courtyards and are surrounded by a green atmosphere. Other such luxuries we offer at our hotels include a fitness center, a sauna, a spa, and a swimming pool.

    We also have high-speed internet access, and WiFi throughout the day to ensure that your work doesn’t get interrupted. In addition to that, we offer a delicious home-cooked complimentary breakfast buffet during your stay with us. Our team will take all the necessary measures to meet your requirements. 

    A 24-hour front desk and room service will be around continuously. We also offer a few paid services like transportation, home-cooked food, and laundry. We hope to make you comfortable and safe throughout your time with us.




    The services that our team and our staff members offer at our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai is the main reason why our hotels are set apart from the rest. A hotel that satisfies you in terms of stay and hospitality, does not necessarily have to prove to be expensive.

    At Hanu Reddy Residences, we wish to go beyond expensive but great services. We aim at offering the best hospitality services to individuals that need them at an affordable rate. We value man over money and work towards making your stay with us a memorable one. 

    Our team will always put in the extra effort to offer a delightful experience to all our customers. While we offer high-quality services at our vintage hotel rooms in Chennai, we strive to do it at an affordable price range.

    Our spacious and well-designed rooms will make the stay more delightful for both you and your family.

    During your stay at Hanu Reddy Residences, our team is at your service, 24×7 through help desks that are always available. We also offer paid transportation services, WiFi facilities, and the heaven of home-cooked meals to our clients. 

    Our fully-furnished and air-conditioned hotel rooms are the best in the city when it comes to privacy and security. Being located at a top location in the city, finding our hotels will never be trouble for you or your clients.

    Even though it is a busy neighborhood, it is also one of the safest and quietest places in the city.

    Get in touch with us to check out our hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai.