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Jude, Penny, and a Walrus.

In the sixties, the United States had to deal with a British Invasion all over again.

Except this time it was much, much worse, because screaming and fainting fan girls are
an army of their own. Four boys with great haircuts had come to dominate the charts, the
music world, and then some.

It’s hard to imagine what surviving a tough time like the sixties would’ve been like without
the Beatles there. They managed to make all the negative go away. The war in Vietnam
was being fought; they gave us Revolution to counter it. Songs like Imagine made us realize
there could be more that united us than divided us. If you were dealing with heartbreak and
finding it hard, you had Hey Jude to comfort you. And if you felt like belting out a song at the
top of your lungs that made absolutely no sense but was just so much fun, that was exactly
why I Am the Walrus was written.

The basic facts about the Beatles are pretty well known, it was made up of John Lennon,
George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, who came together in Liverpool to create
one of the greatest musical acts the world had ever seen. But here a couple of things that
Wikipedia probably won’t tell you; George Harrison was infamously pelted with a Jelly Baby
during a performance, because some fan apparently thought having food thrown at you
was fun. (Ok, it sort of is, but not during a performance of Yellow Submarine.) The food
pelting continued and got so bad, he had to write the fan a letter requesting her to stop.
Their fans got to a point when they couldn’t walk down the street without being pelted,
so they actually went and bought an island to get some peace. The island is in the shape of
the guitar. And, this will put you in nerd heaven, they wanted to star in a film version of the
Lord of the Rings. This eventually didn’t happen, mostly because the film never made it into
production, and Peter Jackson was still about four years old.

So come pay tribute to the Beatles on the 24th of April at 50 Years of the Beatles, at the
Bike and Barrel, T.Nagar from 8:30 pm onwards, and celebrate music that is timeless with a
message that is universal.

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