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Little Korea

The Korean impact everywhere is hard to ignore. The food’s great. The clothes are all sorts

of vibrant. South Korea is one of Asia’s most developed countries and has one if it’s largest

economies. As for PSY and Gangnam Style, when you have the globe singing along to a song

that they probably only understand a line of, that’s a phenomena, pure and simple. The

Korean community in Chennai numbers around 3000 families, small, but growing.

Immigration started when Hyundai decided to launch an Indian branch in Chennai, back

in 1995. Since then, the community has spread throughout the city, and found mostly in

Alwarpet and Adyar. The culture is kept alive and taught to the younger generation through

dance, language and song, both at the InKo centre, at R.A Puram, and the Emmao Dance

Academy, at Adyar. The Academy teaches students the dance form of Hanku Muyong, the

national dance of Korea. It acts as one the smaller hubs of the culture, with a Korean grocery

store located right opposite, selling imported and authentic Korean goods, like pre-cooked

sticky rice, and kimchi, which is pickled cabbage. Korean cuisine looks like the next big thing

in the city, with restaurants turning up everywhere. There’s Deok Su Gung, in Chamiers

Road, Nandanam, which is like a beginner’s guide to Korean food, and will introduce you to

the wonders of dry fish, pork cutlets, and galbisal, marinated beef ribs.

The InKo centre acts as the bridge between two cultures; Indian and Korean. They host art

galleries, film festivals and screenings on a monthly basis. For expats who’ve just arrived in

the city, they have English classes taught by qualified teachers from the city, and for those

interested in learning Korean, they offer certified language courses, for both students and

business professionals. And because every kid wants to be Daniel LaRusso (and not Jaden

Smith) the centre also offers karate classes and, this does not relate to the Karate Kid in any

way, yoga.

Now if we could have a full fledged K-Pop concert.

(For further details about timings and prices of events at the InKo centre, they can be

contacted at 044 2436 1224

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