Hanu Reddy Residences are situated in two of the city’s most popular locations, one of which is close to Sankara Nethralaya, which is a short walk away. In light of the pandemic, the residence adheres to all of the government’s COVID-19 regulations and goes above and beyond in providing a secure and comfortable environment for its tenants by ensuring that all operations inside the facility are conducted in a sanitary manner. Since the cornerstone of our company is to expand our family’s renowned hospitality to the rest of the planet, we trust in being very attentive to our customers’ needs at Hanu Reddy Residences.





    We take our residents’ experience in the house earnestly and hence we strictly abide by the covid regulation and rules stated by the Government.

    • Generously spaced rooms with natural ventilation
    • Individually air-conditioned rooms
    • No centralised AC system even in the common areas
    • Contactless check-in
    • Temperature checks on arrival
    • Check out rooms are sanitised and left vacant for 72-hours
    • Rigorous cleaning schedules with high care to the frequently touched areas
    • All staffs wearing protective gear while cleaning the rooms
    • Availability of lots of open space and safety stations
    • Hygienically prepared meals
    • Roll out of sanitizers at the main common parts of the residence.

    We have always believed in providing a healthy environment for our tenants, both physically and psychologically, since the beginning of our real estate sector, and we have now elevated our safety measures to a critical priority, as we are aware that we house people most of whom are staying for medical reasons due to our proximity to the acclaimed eye hospital Sankara Nethralaya and Apollo hospital. For high-risk scenarios like this, we never want to take a gamble. We are completely prepared to deal with the pandemic when you are living with us, and we hope you will be as well when you visit us. For the sake of themselves and their fellow prisoners, we would like the residents to follow the law.



    Hanu Reddy Residence is the ideal place to unwind after a day of errands in the city. It has a wide open area with tall trees and flowering plants, some of which are over 50 years old. When you reach our home, the abundant green space is really the first thing that will greet you. It’s also in a peaceful part of town, where the only noises you’ll hear outside are those of our resident birds.

    Our hospitality will come in second. We are well-known for the excellent support we offer to our clients. We have professional chefs who prepare home meals for our customers, both conventional and contemporary cuisine, with the greatest passion and concern, and which can be customised to meet their dietary requirements. We are respectful of this because we are conscious that we will be receiving residents who are primarily visiting for medical reasons due to our proximity to Sankara Nethralaya and Apollo Hospital.

    To provide a healthy environment for our residents, our rooms are naturally ventilated and sanitised on a regular basis. During your stay, we are always at your disposal. Ring the front desk for anything you need. We take our responsibilities seriously. As well as the happiness of our clients.



    We are proud of our 25-year history of welcoming guests. It comes with the expertise and experience we’ve acquired from hosting guests. We are well conscious of the people who arrive for both tourist and medical reasons. And whatever your reason for visiting Chennai, we understand that the most basic necessity of visitors is to return to a warm environment that will soothe their bodies and minds after a long day here in the city.

    We have an impressive stretch of grass and trees that you can’t get enough of, with terrace gardens, sit-outs, and flowerbeds to revive you along the way, alongside our popular morning filter coffee or perhaps some yoga. It also includes our free breakfast buffet, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. We believe that putting all of this together would be enough to get you excited for your day.

    The establishment has a traditional theme, with sculptures, antiques, and artworks adorning every surface, as well as modern conveniences. Our residence is equipped with a health club that can be used at any time by our residents. We want our residents to enjoy their time at the Hanu Reddy Residences, so we do all we can to make that happen.


    To provide you with a comfortable stay, our rooms are furnished with the softest beds and natural ventilation. The rooms are large and separated from one another only enough to have a personal experience. Every room has high-speed wifi, and we also provide a laundry service for a fee.

    Sankara Nethralaya is a short walk from this home, which will be convenient for those who are visiting us for medical reasons. We also provide airport and railway transportation, which eliminates the inconvenience of booking a vehicle as a paid service that is not included in the kit, as well as a town car rental that you can use to get a feel for Chennai. This residence is just in the core of Chennai, giving you the advantage of being able to visit many of the city’s most breathtaking and popular locations.

    You can delegate the cleanup to us while you concentrate on your visit’s main purpose.

    We are confident that no other location in the city can make you feel as close to nature and your spirit as our Hanu Reddy Residence. We put so much effort into ensuring our guests feel welcomed and cared for that you won’t feel far from home. 


    When you visit our residence, particularly during this disease outbreak, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Come see us and you’ll forget about anything else.