Chennai is a bustling city of its own making. With radio stations humming divine chants as early as 5 a.m. while the local newspaper vendors hurried to distribute the daily, one can see a lot of activity before the break of dawn. At almost around 7 a.m. the traffic and people share a close association on the asphalt representing swarms of bees. By reading this, one can predict the traffic that only gets intense during the peak hours of the day.

It is no surprise that finding accommodation in a place like Chennai can be a lingering challenge. Especially for people that prefer some repose away from the mundane and stressful work weeks, finding a place that mimics a getaway can be tough.

Hanu Reddy Residences solves your woes by providing you the best service apartments for your stay in the city. Our bungalows are located at Poes Garden and Wallace Garden that are deemed to be as the safest and the calmest localities in the city.






    Poes Garden is one of the finest localities in Chennai that gives access to some leading economic establishments. Famed to have the residences of former CM of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalitha and Actor Rajinikanth, Poes Garden claims its spot as the poshest place to live.

    Having the perfect blend of nature’s cover and residential spaces, our abode at Poes Garden is one of a kind.

    This place comprises 3 bungalows and 30 rooms with each bungalow varying in its capacity. With a vow to not tamper our traditions, our rooms symbolize the contemporary heritage that we are known for.

    Our Amenities at Poes Garden:

    • A state-of-the-art fitness centre to not feel missed out on your fitness regime.
    • 24*7 internet access and Wi-Fi facilities.
    • Round the clock front desk support
    • On-call room services
    • Complimentary breakfast every day.
    • Rooftop gardens for relaxation.
    • Lunch and dinner at our in-house restaurant upon order.
    • Paid transport to the airport and railway station.


    Our residences at Wallace Garden, Nungambakkam are concealed away from the busyness of the city’s traffic. Nungambakkam houses some iconic places in the city that excels in commerce, entertainment, academic institutions etc. Posing as an ideal staycation for old people or businessmen, this residence comprises 13 rooms within 2 bungalows. Each room has a host of amenities that can ensure a cosy experience for the inmates. 

    Our Amenities at Wallace Garden:

    Fitness centre with the latest equipments

    • 24*7 Internet and Wi-Fi access
    • Round the clock front desk support
    • On-call room services
    • Complimentary breakfast during the entirety of your stay
    • Rooftop gardens ideal for yoga and meditation, and for morning brews.
    • Lunch and dinner at our in-house restaurant upon order.
    • Paid transport to the airport and railway station.



    Lined with green cover, our residences are something beyond extraordinary and make you feel like home. To make our guests feel unbothered by the swarming traffic of our city, we have cab arrangements for intra city travel.

     To give you a pleasant staying experience, we take utmost care in keeping your spaces clean and hygienic. With the pandemic pushing us towards more precautions, we take our guests’ safety to our heart to ensure safe practices within our campus.

     In the wake of the pandemic, we have also upped the game in infusing healthier choices in our famed home-cooked menu.

    Honouring our founder, Mr. Hanu Reddy’s beloved mother Mrs. Pushapaveni Reddy’s golden touch in providing sumptuous meals to guests, we have in-house chefs who experiment on South Indian delicacies that strike a balance between taste and nutritional value.


    Unlike many years of our operation, this year saw us making a host of changes to ensure safety first and the operability of our residences thereafter. Our Chief Operating Officer, Nirupama Reddy is steely in incorporating safe and hygienic practices within our campus with renewed vigor.

     Despite having a credibility for the best customer experience, it all comes down to nothing when we don’t strive continuously for it. Some strict and essential measures that we take to fortify your health and wellbeing during your peaceful stay in our campus is as follows:

    • Contactless check-in for our visitors.
    • Complete sanitization of rooms cyclically on a daily basis.
    • Regular temperature checks to maintain health standards
    • Socially distanced banquet hall arrangements with minimum seating capacity(in the event of special occasions)
    • Customary meal plans for our guests based on their health conditions.

    For over two decades, Hanu Reddy Group has served a vast array of customers to bring everlasting smiles on their faces. Hanu Reddy Residences is one piece of the puzzle that works to give a delightful customer experience to its guests. And we are only in the nascent stages in the process of our learning. Our will to be better fuels us to make our visitors feel like home.



    With the pandemic and its impact moving like a passing cloud, we are taking no chances on our guests and have incorporated increased safety measures without compromising on the experience of the stay.

    Visit us at or give us a call to find what we have in store for you.