Teynampet is well-known among the diverse crowd of visitors who come to this region for a variety of reasons. Teynampet is one of Chennai’s most posh neighbourhoods, lined with exquisite pubs and restaurants, as well as high-end accommodation and consulates. It is also one of Chennai’s busiest commercial areas. And we are one of the best places in Teynampet for you to stay. Whatever your reason for visiting, we have everything that you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We have our own dining halls and meeting rooms in a few of them.





    We are very well aware of the dangers of commuting during a pandemic, and so we have taken great care to ensure that our citizens have quite a comfortable stay with us. We strictly follow the government’s COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

    • Generously spaced rooms with natural ventilation
    • Individually air-conditioned rooms
    • No centralised AC system even in the common areas
    • Contactless check-in
    • Temperature checks on arrival
    • Check out rooms are sanitised and left vacant for 72-hours
    • Rigorous cleaning schedules with high care to the frequently touched areas
    • All staffs wearing protective gear while cleaning the rooms
    • Availability of lots of open space and safety stations
    • Hygienically prepared meals
    • Roll out of sanitizers at the main common parts of the residence.

    We guarantee that we will be completely prepared to deal with the pandemic while you are living with us, and we hope that you will be as well. We are indeed very specific about the regulations because we are located near hospitals, because we are mindful of guests who frequently visit us for medical reasons. For the sake of themselves and their fellow residents we would expect the occupants to follow the law.


    Our Hanu Reddy Residences’ structure design is absolutely stunning. Teynampet is renowned for its upscale hotels, but our Hanu Reddy Residences offer an experience that no other hotel in the area can match. If you enjoy spending time in a relaxing and safe setting, you’ve come to the right place. Our home has a conventional conservative design with a wide expanse of lush greenery.

    The entire facility is designed in such a way that you would always wonder if you are living in a garden of eden, and we are not exaggerating. Did we mention our terrace gardens, which again will make you fall in love with yourselves every time you go outside? We are a quiet abode amid the busy hustling highways, located in the heart of the city. Our transparent and fresh structure will enliven your mind and energy. Elaborately decorated paintings and works of art enliven our walls and spaces, instilling our designs and enhancing your overall experience. The Hanu Reddy Residence has been built to make you feel more comfortable and as though you are staying in a second home.




    Mr. Hanu Reddy’s main goal when he first started his company was to spread his family’s legendary hospitality across the globe. As a result, you can only imagine the level of service you’ll get here, given that it’s our guiding principle. 

    We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs. There are a variety of fine restaurants in the city, but you will choose to eat in our restaurant because of our high-quality home-cooked meals, which include both traditional and continental fare.

    Our chefs have received extensive training as a result of their years of service in our residences, and they are pleased to prepare meals to meet your specific dietary requirements. When it comes to serving food to our people, we have a nostalgic attachment because Mr. Hanu Reddy came up with the concept of serving home-cooked meals in honour of his mother, who was a fantastic chef, and called the kitchen after her, Pushpa’s kitchen. As a result, every time we serve food from Pushpa’s kitchen, we strive to represent Mr. Hanu Reddy’s vision of providing just the finest to our residents.


    We even do events catering for casual gatherings or celebrations for you if needed, thanks to our magnificent expanse of land. There is a Banquet Hall, two Terrace Gardens, and a wide Courtyard on this house. With the aid of our expert event planners, we can plan everything from a birthday party to a wedding, an indoor or outdoor party. Come see for yourself why we are so well-known in the region for the elegance of our location.

    Because of the large number of business holdings in the Teynampet region, we have a meeting hall where you can hold business conferences, product launches, international business conventions, and other similar events. We also assist in the preparation of our own food for such activities. Choosing our venue for your events will provide your guests with a memorable experience, which will set the tone for your gatherings.




    We don’t want to get in the way of your workout routines, so our residence has a fitness centre that is open 24 hours a day. That reminds us of our fantastic breakfast buffet, which, when combined with our trademark filter kaapi, will make you feel energised for the day. Our rooms have the softest beds and a high-speed WiFi internet connection.

    We have room service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we’ll do your laundry for a fee. We also offer airport and train transportation to our residents, saving you the trouble of having to book a cab in this congested city. We also have a town car rental service that you can use to get around town. In addition to everything else in this flamboyant area, this residence is relatively close to Marina beach and a few of the world-famous music academies, which you will undoubtedly enjoy. Come see us if you want to be blown away.