Service Apartments Near Apollo Hospital Greams Road Chennai

service apartments Chennai

Visiting another city for healthcare can be a stressful process. If you’re visiting the Apollo hospitals on Greams road, a serviced apartment that is not only nearby but is also great for de-stressing on this trip is the Hanu Reddy Residences on Wallace Garden, Greams Road. This service apartment is an aesthetic treat, having walls painted in happy colors embellished with pleasant artwork and wooden traditional sculptures and entrances lined by trees. It is also known for the quality of service that they offer, the connections that the employees make with the guests and the commitment that they show towards ensuring that the guest is treated with the most care. If you’re looking for a Service Apartments Near Apollo Hospital Greams Road Chennai, Hanu Reddy Residences is the place to go to, let alone for one near Apollo Hospitals, Greams road. Not only is it close to central locations and good hospitals like the Apollo hospital in Greams Road, Chennai, but it is also an experience unto itself that makes this Service Apartments Near Apollo Hospital Greams Road Chennai worth a trip to the city.

Nonetheless, when you visit Chennai for healthcare purposes, then location is not the only reason to stay at this service apartment. The flexibility that is offered at this service apartment includes meals and mealtimes that fit your specific dietary requirements. The chef at this serviced apartment has been specifically mentioned in some of the testimonials on the Hanu Reddy Residences website for the quality of both the food as well as service at this apartment. Experience a home-like stay at Hanu Reddy Residences on your medical trip to Chennai. Service Apartments in Chennai Near Apollo hospital Greams road This chain of service apartments, located in 2 very convenient locations in Chennai, is owned and managed by the family of Mr Hanu Reddy. Their vision is to make everyone who visits the apartment feel at home and peace. Healing medically can now be accompanied by more soulful and spiritual healing at the Hanu Reddy Residency service apartments. They go one step further and ensure that you are treated with special care. The staff and employees at this service apartment are dedicated to serving you in the best way they can. Be prepared to forge a true and authentic connection. Not just this, there are also a variety of spas very close to Hanu Reddy Residences on Wallace Garden, Greams road that will complement the theme of your stay at this service apartment very well. Greams Road is also popular for having some of the best restaurants and cafes in Chennai. It is also very close to the iconic Semmozhi Poonga park of Chennai. So, in addition to the connection that you can make with nature on this stay at the Service Apartments Near Apollo Hospital Greams Road Chennai, Hanu Reddy Residences, you can also spend some quality time at the parks and gardens of the city that are very close to this service apartment on Wallace Gardens, Greams road.

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