With the pandemic still circulating, you’ve probably grown tired of staying home for the past two years. You might want to take a vacation or simply get away for the weekend. But with most vacation destinations being quite far away, it may be inconvenient to consider taking a vacation at this time. However, Hanu Reddy Residences’ service apartments near Apollo Hospital Greams Road can offer you a pleasant getaway within the city!

During these trying times, our homes are the ideal place to be. We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and our lush and serene homestays can provide just that. We strictly adhere to covid protocols to ensure that our customer’s health is not jeopardised.

Service Apartments in Chennai near Apollo Hospital Greams Road



    WHY US

    Hanu Reddy Residences is a boutique hotel that aims to provide customers with rooms and services that make them feel at home. Our residences are bungalows that give visitors a vintage vibe while also being retrofitted with modern amenities that appeal to people of all ages.

    One of the main reasons people choose to stay with us is our hospitality. If you’re staying with us for an extended period of time, we’ll take care of everything. We provide outstanding services that will leave you in awe, from various room amenities such as breakfast, fast Wi-Fi, a 24-hour open-desk policy, and so on, to manage your events.

    Our service apartments near Apollo Hospital Greams Road in Nungambakkam are also surrounded by lush greenery and a diverse range of botanical plants that will inspire you to become a gardener. The inviting atmosphere is just one of the many reasons you’ll want to stay for a long time.


    We take the safety of our residents seriously and strictly adhere to covid protocols and guidelines stated by the Government.

    • Generously spaced rooms with natural ventilation
    • Individually air-conditioned rooms
    • Contactless check-in
    • All staffs wearing protective gear while cleaning the rooms
    • Temperature checks on arrival
    • Check out rooms are sanitised and left vacant for 72-hours
    • Rigorous cleaning schedules with high care to the frequently touched areas.
    • Availability of lots of open space and safety stations.
    • Hygienically prepared meals
    • Roll out of sanitizers at the main common parts of the residence.

    We are extra cautious about following these guidelines because Apollo Hospital is nearby. We don’t want to risk bringing infections into the homes, which would be harmful to our customers’ health. 

    We also ask our guests to follow our hotel’s guidelines to ensure virus prevention, because prevention is better than cure


    But we say all of this to alleviate your concerns, not to scare you! Hanu Reddy Residences will always go out of their way to ensure that their customers have the most revitalising experience possible.


    Staying at our service apartments near Apollo Hospital Greams Road is worthwhile because we are a low-cost boutique hotel that values your time, money, and concerns.

    Our rooms range from budget-friendly to luxury suites, so you can choose whether you’re here for a vacation or a business meeting.

    Another word for which we have a strong opinion is “comfort.” Any hotel must be comfortable enough for a customer to stay for an extended period of time. And that is exactly what our customers have experienced with us. Our rooms are convenient and designed to meet your needs any time of day, thanks to our room services and 24-hour open desks.

    It’s time to get your bags packed and visit our service apartments to make the most of your vacation!


    Commuting from our apartment is made simple for our tenants, as the residence offers airport and railway transportation as a paid service, avoiding the hassles of booking a cab or an auto.

    We also offer car rental services for any of your needs within the region. The residence is located in Chennai’s Wallace Garden, close to the Semmozhi Poonga and the Government Art Museum, both of which are excellent places to see authentic Chennai performances or simply relax.

    The Apollo hospital is a short walk from the apartment, which will be very convenient for those staying for medical purposes because they will be able to escape unnecessary traffic and save time for the exhausted and weary.

    Since we are in the heart of the city, all of the important buildings are within walking distance, which should be a plus.

    We are aware of our inmates’ needs and strive to meet them. When you stay with us, you don’t have to think about anything but your reason for being here. 


    You should leave the mess to us and concentrate on your work. We offer our customers the best service possible. It may be the food, the ambiance, or our friendliness.