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Oasis in chennai

Just finished our third stay at Hanu Reddy in as many years. This is a beautifully managed bed and breakfast in a very accessible location in Chennai. The best thing about Hanu Reddy is its staff. There are some hotels where you know the staff are not treated well and it shows in their lack of enthusiasm for their work. Here, the staff is unfailingly friendly, helpful, and pleasant in a way that suggests that there is an overall atmosphere of kindness and fairness. The hotel itself has nice grounds and lovely terraces, so it is a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of Chennai, especially if you are traveling with children. The food is also nice, love love love the sambar at breakfast.

A few visits ago, I found myself at a nearby restaurant without my wallet. The owner’s son came and rescued me by paying the bill. That’s how far Hanu Reddy goes.

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