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Serene, Impeccably Clean, and Excellent Care

I don’t usually write reviews but I am writing to share my extremely rare and fortunate experience at Poes Garden.

I came to India to attend a wedding. As Indian weddings go, there were multiple events that required quick dress and jewelry changes through out the day. On the 3rd day of events I was shocked to realize my diamond ring was not on my finger. Through out the day I was nervous it had slipped off in my room and that the cleaning staff could have taken it.

But, upon returning to my room, I was extremely humbled to find my bed neatly made and the diamond ring carefully placed on top of the bed. It seems in my sleep I had taken it off unknowingly.

I feel it is important to share this experience because I think some of us are quick to assume or accuse the residence services of theft. The ladies and gentleman working at Poes Garden are kind, attentive, and most importantly work with dignity and respect. Your belongings are certainly safe here and the care you will receive is beyond sincere.

Thank you Hanu Reddy Residences Poes Garden Staff and Service!

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