Staying Productive During COVID: 17 Tips That Actually Help

Who would have thought that we would miss going to the office? Yet, here we are – closing in on the year and learning new habits. Granted, we have seen better days. But all of us have come to terms with the new world we live in. As things slowly start getting back to normal, we have been trying to find workarounds for our daily habits and rituals. Everything seems to be ​almost​ back to normal, but if things get too overwhelming, we urge you to take a break. And for other days, here are a few things to help you deal with weekdays better and hopefully keep you less stressed.

On Accountability

● Sleep and wake up on time. Besides setting an alarm to wake up, set another to go to bed. Being well-rested is just as important as starting work early. ● Establish morning rituals. They will help you set the mood to work. Creating work-triggers like a warm cup of coffee or a quick workout session helps the day get started. ● Create and honor schedules. There is no one to hold you accountable so the responsibility falls to yourself. Maintain handwritten To-Do lists – Striking off tasks makes you want to get more done! ● Maintain work hours. We have a tendency to forget the time and work well into the evening when we are at home. Try to work when you are the most productive. We all have ebbs and flows of efficiency, find yours. ● Use the technology you have at your disposal. Opting for video calls whenever possible helps a lot with collaboration. ● Follow an eating schedule. Chances are you have been working till your stomach reminds you that it is lunchtime. If you are done with your meal early, it is completely okay to kick back for a bit before getting to work.

On Wellbeing

● The biggest threat you face is sitting in front of a screen all day. Counteract mundanity with a change of pace. As often as possible, take a brief walk on your terrace, or use the scenic route back from your grocery store. ● Take advantage of your perks. Most companies offer incentives for people working from home. Do not feel uncomfortable to request them, they are meant for you. ● Guard your time. Some people forget that even though you are at home you are still working. If they make plans with you, it is okay to say no to them. Help them understand that you are indeed busy. ● At any point, if you feel you are not coping well with the situation, give online therapy a shot. You can find a lot of therapists who can help you make sense of what you are going through. ● Control your exposure to news. Staying updated on the latest happenings might have a negative outcome. Restrict your TV time and block distracting apps and websites on your devices (using ​​) ● Create a change of scenery. Resist brooding atmospheres by growing plants in your house or around your workspace.

On Workspaces

● First, set up a dedicated workspace. This single act does wonders for your productivity. If you want some Pinterest-y inspiration, look up ‘zen workspace’ and ‘minimalist wfh setup’. ● Do not overlook privacy. Use a VPN to access your work and emails, and get a separate work number for your colleagues to contact you. ● Isolate yourself from external stimuli. Invest in a good pair of headphones like the Bose QC 35 or Audio Technica M50x. Club this with your favorite Spotify playlist or head over to ​​ for calming ambient sounds. ● Do not give yourself reasons to get out of your chair. Have all the stationery you would need handy, and prep some snacks along with a bottle of water on your desk. ● Always remember, ‘Clutter isn’t better.’ Clean your workspace either before your day starts or after your day ends. But be sure to keep it clean every day! This concludes our To-Do list of sanity. We hope our tips help you through the month, if not longer. And if you decide it is time for a workcation or weekend getaway, you can visit our Boutique Hotels at Poes Garden or Wallace Garden anytime! Feel free to DM us @hanureddyresidences and tell us about your productivity experiments or to let us know if this helped you!

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