Hotels Near Gemini Flyover | Hanu Reddy Residences


The Gemini Flyover requires no introduction because of its historical significance. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in Chennai, as it still serves as a tribute to one of the country’s largest media houses, Gemini Studios, despite the fact that it has long since closed.

The US Consulate, the Oxford University Press, Semmozhi Poonga, and Chennai’s most well-known landmark, Sathyam Cinemas, are all located along the Gemini flyover, which extends for 500 meters along Anna Salai Mount Road.

Our legendary hotel in Poes Garden is located very close to this iconic landmark, and we are proud to say it is one of the best hotels near Gemini Flyover.







    With a lush spread of trees and cooling ponds, we take pride in providing a tranquil atmosphere right in the heart of Chennai. You’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about if you take a look at our home.

    There are many existing hotels in this area, but the main reason you would like ours is because of the essence of our place that we offer, as well as the fact that it is more cost-effective than other options in the area.

    When Chennai is exciting, it can also be boring, and when that happens, you’ll need more than just cushions and a bed to unwind, which you’ll find here.

    We have a green habitat, a smoke-free zone, from which you can see the stars of Chennai and enjoy a cool breeze that will simply relax you for the day ahead.

    We have two terrace gardens with wooden bamboo furnishings that are a visual and spiritual delight. Our structure is accessible, modern, and environmentally sustainable, which you won’t find in any other hotel at our price.

    We have a contemporary traditional look with antique sculptures and artworks, as well as all modern-day facilities, which distinguishes us and makes us one of the best hotels near Gemini Flyover.


    We take our residents’ experience in the house seriously and hence we abide by strict covid regulation rules stated by the government.

    • Generously spaced rooms with natural ventilation
    • Individually air-conditioned rooms
    • Contactless check-in
    • All staffs wearing protective gear while cleaning the rooms
    • Temperature checks on arrival
    • Checkout rooms are sanitized and left vacant for 72-hours
    • Rigorous cleaning schedules with high care to the frequently touched areas.
    • Availability of lots of open space and safety stations.
    • Hygienically prepared meals
    • Roll out of sanitizers at the main common parts of the residence.

    We agree that providing a mentally and physically healthy environment for our tenants is a top priority. 


    Recently increased our safety measures because we are well aware that we are housing people who are mainly staying for medical reasons because we are conveniently located the renowned Apollo hospital, and we never want to take a chance with high-risk situations like this.

    We are completely prepared to deal with the pandemic when you are living with us, and we hope you will be as well when you visit us.

    For the sake of themselves and their fellow occupants, we would like the residents to follow the law and strive hard to be one of the best hotels near Gemini Flyover.



    We value customer service because the Hanu Reddy Residences was created to extend their family’s legendary hospitality to the rest of the world. Mr. Hanu Reddy opened the Pushpa’s kitchen in his real estate company as a tribute to his mother, Mrs. Pushpaveni Reddy, who used to prepare lavish meals for her family on special occasions. Since then, we’ve been serving home-cooked meals, and despite the abundance of restaurants nearby, you’ll choose to eat in-house because of the high-quality food prepared by our professional chefs.

    Traditional and continental dishes are available on the menu. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know. We also have a 24-hour open desk and room service to cater to your every need, day or night. We are very particular about offering the best service to our clients, and you can expect the same from us, making us one of the best hotels near Gemini Flyover.


    We also do event caterings if appropriate, as a complement to our lovely atmosphere. There is a Banquet Hall, two Terrace Gardens, and a wide Courtyard on this house. With the aid of our expert event planners, we can plan everything from a birthday bash to a wedding, an indoor or outdoor party.

    We also have a conference room that can be used for international conferences, product launches, and small business meetings. We can also assist with food catering for all of your activities.

    Because of our unique frame, holding your events here will give your guests a convincing vibe. Come in and see for yourself. All activities are planned under COVID-19 prevention guidelines, making us the safe and secure hotel near Gemini Flyover.




    We have our own in-house residence fitness center that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your exercise routine is not interrupted.

    We have our signature breakfast buffet as a complimentary meal, which will keep you energized all day. Our rooms have the softest beds as well as high-speed WiFi.

    Our room service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can meet your needs at any hour of the day or night. We take care of your laundry as a paid service.