The Holy Grail of Christmas Gifting

How often have you found yourself making frowny faces amidst carefully shredded wrapping paper during Christmas? Don’t feel guilty, we have all been there. You cannot control what people get you. But to save your loved ones from the same fate, there i s one solution. Gift better. We have compiled the Holy Grail of Pro Tips for Christmas Gifting into a single article, and here’s what we found:

On Sleuthing For Ideas:

● Take to social media! Check what they are liking on Facebook, posting about on Instagram, or hinting at in their Amazon wish list.
● If you truly wish to hit home with your present, pay attention to what they complain about. And if you find something that proves as the perfect solution, go for it.
● Offer something that helps with their hobbies if you find out what they do in their free time. Something like online pottery lessons or a subscription to Masterclass should do the trick.
● Even after leaving no stone unturned, you still can’t think of the perfect Christmas present, ask someone close to them or directly ask them yourself.

On Finding The Special Something:

● We all have that one quirk we’re famous for. Maybe you are the tech geek of your squad, or the sophisticated wine aunt of your lot. Pick something from your niche that you know they would appreciate, like the latest SmartWatch.
● If you wish to give something memorable that will last forever, instead of diamonds, arrange for an experience . A scuba diving lesson or a unique dining experience, or even a stay at our Boutique Hotels in Poes Garden!
● If you know them well enough, a very kind, Christmas-y thing to do can be donating in their name to a cause that you know they are very passionate about.
● Lastly, the most intimate gift you can give someone you love is your time. Offer to pitch in your time to help out or cook dinner for two. They will appreciate this more than anything else you can give them.
● You can also try shopping based on shared interests. This way, you have a better idea of what they might need, and what would be held in high regard.
● Gift cards do not have to be necessarily unthoughtful. Instead of just handing over the card, personalize it with a handwritten letter and gift wrap it in pretty packaging along with something cute!
● If you wish to go that extra mile, it makes good sense to include a greeting card along with the gift to add a personal touch.

Hunting for gifts is always fun. All in all, we hope this keeps you busy and excited in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas. For those of you who have family in Chennai, we really hope you’re making plans to stay with us for the holidays, and until then, happy shopping!

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